Climate, atmosphere and ocean-laboratory

The CLIMate, ATmosphere and OCean-LABoratory (CLIMATOC-LAB) is a young research team founded in 2019 at the Desertification Research Centre – Spanish National Research Council (CIDE, CSIC-UV-Generalitat Valenciana) in Valencia (Spain) 

The CLIMATOC-LAB aims to advance in the study of climate variability and atmospheric circulation and the influence of oceans, based on historical instrumental observations and climate modelling.

Major research topics

  • Assessment of observed and simulated changes in land and ocean surface winds: “stilling” vs. “reversal” phenomena.
  • Trends in daily peak wind gusts and extremes.
  • Attribution of changes in wind speed and extremes: internal decadal ocean-atmosphere oscillations.
  • Sea breezes, and its implications on isolated deep convection (sea breeze fronts), precipitation and desertification processes.
  • Rescue, digitization and homogenization of historical climate data.
  • Development of climate services (wind monitor) for socioeconomic and environmental issues (e.g., wind energy, wind erosion, desertification).
  • Design of automatic weather station networks.

The research team is made up of multidisciplinary academic profiles (geographers, physicists, oceanographers, engineers), with funding and active collaborations with other national and international groups, high scientific production rate, and with modern climate research tools. The CLIMATOC-LAB is a consolidated research group by the Valencian Regional Government (AICO2021/023), and is part of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform (PTI) “Climate”, which includes 5 research groups in Spain.



The 30-minute documentary “¿Soplará el viento a favor?”, directed by Ingo Knopf and produced by mobyDOK for and featuring our senior researcher César Azorín-Molina, is already ONLINE!  To watch it and learn more about the importance of wind in our society and the current state of research, click on the image to the left.